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Into the rabbit hole by Sinned-angel-stock Into the rabbit hole by Sinned-angel-stock
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RadMadisaur Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Referenced the pose here!…
RadMadisaur Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
These are beautiful poses. c8
myoneandonly Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Love this stock! I referenced it for this image: [link]
Melting-Phoenix-4 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
On my other account, :iconregal-pinion: I told you I was using a certain stock well I used this one too. Except this one is finally uploaded! :D

angelicdeath Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2006
Whoo. I like the angle and the pose. ^_^ Also, I'm digging the shirt and the "new" hair color. Unsure how new it is, I seem to have missed it, heh. <3
biggbabysweetz1 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2006
WOW! you dont see many stock artists doing the "green screen" thing that much! Very nice.
if you ever need a rig for any backdrops let me know ive got all sorts of plans and most can be built for around 20 bucks!
nightmareprince Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2006
you always have such intresting poses :D
Stevious Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey - I used this in a deviation, you can find it here! Thanks! there are other shots of yours i'm gunna use soon
DreadedWalrus Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2006
At first I was at pains to choose which was my favourite of the most recent 4 deviations, out of this one, and "Harness my power" [link] , and at first, Harness my power was ahead by miles. There is a feeling of vulnerability about it, along with the subtle Christ hints, and it is the vulnerability that makes it. (I should perhaps be adding this to a seperate comment in the relevant piece, but I feel this is appropriate)

Vulnerability is an important aspect for me in a human being, either in a partner, or just a friend, I look for a vulnerability. Of course, everyone has vulnerabilities, but not everyone allows them to be shown. I suppose looking for vulnerability in other people might suggest that I am not a very nice person, but I see it the exact opposite way. I look for a vulnerability in a partner, or in a friend, in order to allow me to help that person to overcome that vulnerability. If you think of a human being as a balloon, each balloon (at least back when I was a child :P) is made of a material that has tiny, tiny holes in it, tiny enough to be invisible to the naked eye, but not small enough to block the air escaping. If you fill a balloon with air, and leave it alone, it will eventually deflate until it is lifeless. I want to fill the holes in a person (no, not like that), to make them complete, and to stop them deflating. Therefore when I see vulnerability and imperfection it fills me with such emotion, almost similar in strength to a mother's maternal instinct to her child.

No human in the world is perfect, and perhaps the only person who ever has been perfect (assuming for a moment he existed), is Jesus Christ, which is why I like the contradiction in [link] . As I mentioned earlier, it has a certain Christ-like pose to it, which may have been intentional, but is certainly subtle. Christ is capable of inhuman feats, and is quite possibly the most powerful human ever to have lived. This contrasts excellently with the vulnerability it has about it, however, as I also mentioned earlier. It is in the facial expression, for me. I am not excellent at interpreting facial expressions, but I see a hint of uncertainty in the face of the model, or perhaps that she is mulling something over, deep in thought. Also, the belly is on display, and that too is a vulnerable area. As well as the solar plexus, many of the body's organs are in that region, and a wound there can be life-affecting. It is therefore an area of sensitivity, and again an area of vulnerability. Also, the shoulders are opened, in a non-defensive position.

Now, after spending 442 words explaining why I liked Harness my power, in a completely different Deviation's comment section, I feel I need considerably less space to explain why this one is my favourite, but at the same time I feel less able to get my reasons across (perhaps because a lot of time has passed since I started typing this comment, and it is now 2:48am, but I shall continue).

Into the rabbit hole symbolises, for me, an exchange we had around the time of my comment on Triangle. When the shape of the body itself is able to be used as an artform, something such as this, where every single placement of every single thing is planned and deliberate, is beautiful.

Every little detail of the image seems deliberate, from the parting of the right foot's big toe from the rest of the toes, to the extension of each finger on the right hand, to the placement of the left leg and foot by the hair, to the placement of the hair itself. It's all these little details that keep me able to look at this photo for a long time, and constantly see new details every now and then that really makes this appeal to me. My mind wonders about things.

"What do the symbols on the shirt signify?"
"What is the right hand reaching for?
"Where are the model's eyes focusing on?"

Of course, it's around this time that I end up repeating to myself "This is only stock imagery, it isn't intended for constant analysis, but rather for manipulation by other talented artists into something different".

It is then that I start to feel a little stupid for posting these long, rambling comments on something that may well be (is almost certainly) unimportant, and not the original reason for an image's creation.

But then, the next batch of images come along, or I am looking at an image when a thought or emotion hits me, and I end up spending another couple of hundred words attempting to get my flawed brain to come up with a way to explain that emotion I am feeling, or the thoughts I am getting, to the original author again. I realise that the comments I make are appreciated, as both you and the photographer have went out of your ways to thank me in the past. And spending two hours in the early morning doing this feels like I have achieved something, but it is hard for me to put my finger on it.

Again, sorry for the long, rambling comment. I guess I should start a blog instead, huh? :P
Sinned-angel-stock Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2006  Professional Photographer
Stop apologizing. xD Honestly--especially if it helps you work out your thoughts. I am a character designer by nature and therefore one of my greatest passions is people. I watch people walk by and make inferences about their lives, I wonder what it is they are thinking and where they are going, where they have come from. I get to know people just to get to know them, if I find someone fascinating I will sit and ask them about their lives and listen for hours. You are giving me the opportunity not a lot of others give me by putting so much of your own personality into the posts you make. Not only this, but I am a writer and I love words :3

Moving away from that, my stock is a form of art. At least I see it that way. My body is a piece of art, albeit a flawed one, and in order for someone to make art out of my stock I need to give them a base, an inspiration. I pride myself on constantly striving to be different from all the other stock out there, even if that means sometimes I cross the line between mere stock and actual artistic photography. If a pose is boring or does not say what I want it to say, I remove it--does that make any sense?
DreadedWalrus Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2006
It makes complete sense - though to me, not all of your work is energetic, that's what gives it the variety and diversity it has - some of it is energetic and full of life, other pieces are more serene, calm, or reflective - it is this spectrum of emotion that your modelling and randomflashbang's photography together achieve that sets your work apart - if you look at most other deviantART accounts, much of it is all of one type (at least most of the stock photography seem to be the same styles for each artist, that is. I realise there are lots of people who do lots of different types of art, such as sketches, photomanipulations, photography all at once). You will get one person who does lots of nudity, one person who does lots of BDSM-inspired stuff, one person who does risqué work, one person who does close-ups concentrating on the face, e.t.c. e.t.c.

Your work encompasses everything, though not all in one image. And that's (one of the many things) what makes your work special. In response to your first paragraph there, thank YOU for the appreciation - I enjoy viewing your work so much that even if you didn't say anything like you do I would continue to comment, but knowing that the artist appreciates my humble contributions is even better, especially as I'm not particularly great at other things on this site, such as creating art itself :P.

That said, if I ever did decide to attempt to put something up on here, I can't see myself being able to do anything other than writing short stories - I'm not a particularly talented person, for numerous reasons, though when I was a small child I used to love writing stories, and when all the children would go out for playtime (what we call recess over here in England), I would just sit inside and write stories about adventure and stuff.

In the early years of school over here, children have regular tests to determine where they are, developmentally, in certain key areas, such as cognitive recognition, reading, e.t.c. and when I was 5 years old I had a reading, spelling and writing age of 19. Unfortunately, since then I personally feel my writing hasn't improved that much, beyond my writing style itself being influenced by other people, and basic grammar changes here and there, and I haven't written any kind of stories in a long, long time, but I remember the teachers used to love the things I wrote.

I was always awful in art class though :P.

But yes, as for your body being flawed, like I say, everyone is flawed, and it is that which makes us unique. If everyone was perfect, it would be awful, as you would be unable to tell anyone apart. Everyone is perfect, so who do you choose as a life partner? It is these imperfections that really make us who we are, and it is those imperfections that you look for in a partner - some people have good imperfections and others bad - and the same imperfection can be good to some people, and bad to others - some people find stuttering cute, others find it annoying. Some people don't like girls with small breasts, others prefer it. And it goes on forever.

So whilst your body has flaws, EVERYONE'S (for lack of italics) body does, and it just adds more and more to the personality that shines through in your work.

As for removing work, I realise you only made that comment in passing, but I believe that removing work should always be a last resort, as there is always bound to be SOMEONE (again, for lack of italics) that adores that work. Imagine if van Gogh destroyed his series of Sunflowers paintings, simply because there were people who found them boring. Of course, it's a ridiculous thought, but there is a chance that each individual piece of yours is as valued to someone as "Still Life: Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers" was to Yasuo Goto when he bought one for almost $40,000,000 in 1987.

Of course, I don't mean financially valued, but there is a chance that if any single one of these images was removed, there would be someone who missed it just that much. But I understand what you say - it makes sense to me. :)
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